About TOSY Robotics JSC

TOSY Robotics JSC is the first Vietnamese robotics firm that produces 4 types of products: Giant Robots, Personal Robots, Industrial Robots and High-tech toys.


At TOSY, our mission is to make robots available everywhere, change lifestyles and help save lives during times of disaster.


TOSY Robotics aspires to become the world’s leading manufacturer in robotics technology. We envision a world where our original design – TOPIO robots – lives side by side and assist human everywhere.

Core Values – The TOSY Brand

Technology: To successfully fulfill our mission, TOSY always places the highest priority on R&D of new technology. Our motto is “Creativeness and Modern Technology are Key Factors for Success”.

Originality: We take pride in the fact that all of our products, either toys or robots, are unique and innovative thanks to our advanced technology. We create what others cannot and we protect our inventions by registering for patents worldwide.

Satisfaction: We aim to provide our customers with the most satisfying experience with our original, safe and affordable products as well as excellent customer service.

Yearning: Every employee at TOSY, from senior to junior levels, all shares one thing in common: a thirst for knowledge. We strive to learn new things everyday, find different ways to complete the job and constantly challenge ourselves for self-perfection. We are dedicated to bringing the company’s mission and vision into reality.

Our principles

  • We strive to accomplish our mission.
  • We respect human rights.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations.
  • We act with fairness, transparency and ethics in all our business dealings.
  • We protect and respect intellectual property.
  • We maintain confidentiality for all our stakeholders.
  • We do not use our position in our organization for personal gain.
  • All our products must pass the highest international safety and quality standards.
Our Culture

We value our employees as we truly believe that people are our most important asset. No matter how we will grow in size, we always try our best to maintain a “small company” feel towards our employees. We treat everyone with fairness, respect and affection and we make sure every effort is appreciated. We want to create a workplace where people love coming to work and do their job not only out of responsibility but also out of passion. We have a diverse group of people, but they all share one thing in common: a passion in what they do. We believe that is the key for our success.

But it’s not always about work. TOSY is like a big family so we also care about each other’s life.   We frequently gather for lunch for dinner; we have play date for the kids and summer trips for employees. We organize events for special occasions where we sing, dance and share a good laugh.  We encourage our employees to speak their mind openly, to come to their managers with any difficulty they may have and we will do our best to support them, both in work and in their personal life.

Please visit our website at http://www.tosy.com for more details on our products and R&D projects.


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